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Information Architecture
Usability Evaluation
An Introduction to Typing with Bimanual Gestures
Typing involves the use of both hands in a coordinated pattern of staccato clicks. Writing with a pen involves a continuous looping flow while advancing across a page. This text entry system and corresponding research focuses on a method of input that combines these two forms.  
White space: How much nothing should there be?
White space is the empty area between elements in a graphic composition. It is an important design tool used to separate and group parts of a web site. What are the effects?
Alarm Management in a Robotic Winery
This preliminary design is for a control system to monitor the use and system performance of a do-it-yourself robotic winery. Using the techniques of decomposition representation, relevance and salience this interface presents data as a unified information environment.
Clarifying the Metrics of Usability
Comparison of the use of metrics for specifying usability and measuring usability for diagnostics.
Clarifying the Fidelity Dimensions of Prototypes
A summary of the relative merit of low versus high fidelity prototyping in the iterative design process.
Virtual Reality and the Human Condition
Describes how perception of space is a false image of approximations and missing information and virtual reality is merely a continued expansion of our vocabulary that enhances our ability to communicate and extends or perceptions.
Foam Core Prototyping Techniques
A basic introduction to the techniques for constructing models and prototypes with foam care. Useful for rapid industrial design and architecture mock ups.
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