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James Zdralek is a well rounded professional in the User Experience domain. His career focuses on the interdependent relationship of the three essential processes; design, usability and prototyping. When these processes are used to develop software the quality of the user's experience increases while support and development costs decrease. He has acquired a balance of skills from each of the following domains:
Design and creativity are skills that have been fostered for over a decade. His bachelor degree in industrial design focused on the experience of the consumer with commercial products.
Usability evaluation is an important skill. A masters degree in psychology has added to James Zdralek's knowledge of methodologies. Usability was the focus of several products designed and evaluated at Nortel, Cognos, DNA13 and Avaya.
Prototyping is a support activity that is essential for both design and usability. Without a formal education in computer science, James learned several prototyping methods on his own. He acquired enough technical knowledge in this area to teach multimedia programming and design at a leading Alberta College.
James is available for contract work, both locally and remote. He is an experienced international traveler and his degree permits him to work in the United States under a TN visa. He is authorized to work for the Canadian government with an Enhanced Reliability Clearance number which is available on request.
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